The big ideas behind StrongSuits

StrongSuits is based on four big insights from the modern psychology of success:

  • People perform best when they focus on their strengths.
  • How we perform is driven by our mindset (the stories we tell ourselves.) 
  • Diversity makes teams stronger.
  • People interact and communicate in different ways.

Four layers of information related to these insights are embedded in our foundations cards and these, along with the games and exercises we have developed, can help any coach or facilitator work with teams and individuals to:

  • Identify individual and team strengths.  StrongSuits contains 52 workplace strengths vital to releasing the potential of the whole team.
  • Work with overplayed strengths and limiting thoughts. – StrongSuits includes a proven approach to identifying limiting thoughts and transforming them into empowering thoughts.
  • Explore cognitive diversity and how this makes the team stronger as a whole. – The evidence shows that the strongest teams are those that value diversity
  • Identify team communication styles – StrongSuits helps to improve communication across the whole team.
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