The StrongSuits Team Strength Map

Ask any team “What needs to improve around here?” and communication will usually come up, often as the number one issue in teams.  The big challenge with communication is recognising that we don’t all communicate in the same way. Understanding our own communication preferences and how they are similar or different from others can help resolve conflicts and make communication more effective in a team.

This is where StrongSuits has advantages over many other tools in that it is based on research about how people interact and focusses on team communication styles rather than individual personality profiles. StrongSuits helps you identify which of four communication styles you prefer to use as these are linked to your strengths as shown.

More information about the map and the science behind it

Individual strengths based communication styles can be mapped for your team on the Team Strengths Map so you can easily see where people have similar styles and where they have differences. You can even map how team members react under stress to uncover potential conflict hotspots for your team – represented by arrows on the map.

You can find out more about the team strengths map and the four communication styles in the free extract of the Practitioner manual in our free downloads section by clicking Play StrongSuits on the main menu.

You can also learn about the four communication styles and how to use the team strengths map by enrolling in our online training.


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