What’s so powerful about StrongSuits

Designed to build trust

StrongSuits is designed to build trust. StrongSuits is different from most of the personality type tools used to support teams in that it was developed from the outset to be used with teams and other groups to build trust, improve communication and to create psychological safety. By psychological safety we mean that people feel safe to bring their own unique strengths to the team and also feel safe to challenge what is happening in the team. This has been identified as one of the most important factors in creating productive teams and everything that you can do with StrongSuits supports psychological safety.

Practical and applicable

StrongSuits focuses on the practical ways of working that matter to your people and that can add value to your organisation. This is in contrast with many personality models which focus on personality traits which are only loosely connected to the strengths you need in the workplace.

Immediate impact, lasting change

StrongSuits often has an immediate impact but it is also designed to lead to lasting changes in the way people work. StrongSuits can help you as a coach or facilitator to uncover and challenge the existing narratives and limiting thoughts in teams and in individuals. This is known to be a key factor leading to the kinds of step change in performance that coaches and facilitators are employed to bring about.

Fun and energising for participants

StrongSuits is fun and energising for participants. It uses simple card games to get people talking about the things that matter whilst having fun. The games and exercises are enjoyable and energising for participants; no reading long computer-generated reports. We help people to have the kinds of high-impact conversations that make a difference whilst they are having fun.

Flexible and easy to use

StrongSuits is easy to use and the games are simple to learn. It is flexible enough to suit different programme needs; anything from a one-hour slot at a staff conference to a two-day intensive retreat.

Based on insights from modern psychology

StrongSuits is based on four insights from modern psychology including the latest research into what makes teams work. These insights allow you to build psychological safety and challenge team performance by digging deeper into the underlying narratives that drive behaviour.

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