An alternative to Myers Briggs

The Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) has long been one of the most widely used methods for helping people understand and appreciate the different ways that people work and the value this brings to the team. But what happens when people resist being told that they are one of just 16 different types of personality and what do you do when you find out that you are a INFP or an ESTJ? Faced with these questions we had to ask ourselves – is there a better way to help people understand themselves and others? This is where StrongSuits came from.

We are often asked how StrongSuits differs from Myers Briggs and other similar personality typing systems. Below are three of the most important differences and their benefits.

StrongSuits recognises people and organisations as individual

Many people instinctively dislike being told that they are a type or being put in a personality box that isn’t quite right for them. StrongSuits lets people identify their unique strengths and, more importantly, any unique limiting thoughts that, when transformed, will allow them to grow into their full potential.

Whilst we guide people to consider the kinds of strengths that we know are important, based on extensive research, the approach is flexible enough to include additional strengths identified by the users. Furthermore, for organisations that want to look at unique strengths that are important in a particular discipline e.g. sales or leadership strengths, StrongSuits has developed specific strengths packs that focus on domain-specific strengths and you’re welcome to contact us to develop further such packs.

StrongSuits uses the language of the workplace

For some people translating what it means to be an ISFJ or an ENFP into meaningful action that makes a difference can be difficult.

StrongSuits uses the language of the workplace, strengths such as reliability, innovation or communication. This makes it simple to understand and easier to identify practical steps that can be taken to develop the performance of individuals and the team.

StrongSuits reflects 21st century psychology

We believe that StrongSuits is unique in that it is based on two big insights from the modern psychology of behaviour and success:

  • People perform best when they focus on their strengths
  • How we perform is driven by the stories we tell ourselves

People are energised and empowered when they play to their strengths but performance is sometimes held back by limiting thoughts or negative beliefs about what is not possible or what is too difficult. If you listen carefully in most organisations you will hear people expressing limiting thoughts as if they were unalterable truths and this is one of the reasons that so many change programmes falter.

StrongSuits helps people understand their strengths in a way that is directly applicable to the workplace and applies a proven approach to identifying limiting thoughts and transforming them into empowering thoughts so creating a positive atmosphere which takes the brakes off performance.

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