Create a winning mindset in your organisation

In her influential book Mindset – How you can fulfil your potential, world renowned psychologist Carol Dweck sets out compelling evidence for the importance of the mindset we adopt in all walks of life including business. She concludes that the right mindset fosters learning and resilience that is the basis of accomplishment in every area.

There is a growing body of evidence that our personality, the way we behave and the results we achieve are underpinned by our internal narratives or mindsets. By identifying what we call the winning mindset we give ourselves the best possible chance of achieving whatever goal we set ourselves.

By mindset we mean the way we think and the stories we tell ourselves about what is possible and what is helpful. A winning mindset is one that is consistent with our goals and our strategy. It might seem straightforward to identify the ways of thinking that are aligned with our goals but their can be hidden pitfalls. Some of our narratives become negative and drive avoidant or self-limiting behaviour so they constrain the scale and quality of outcomes that are possible. Limiting thoughts that are incongruent with the goal can seem like truths rather than ideas to be challenged and so become a drag on the way people work.

For example, we worked with the management team of a facilities maintenance company. A new CEO had set them a goal of getting every job right first time. This seemed overambitious to the team and they had made little progress when we were asked to help.

We ran a simple exercise to flush our any limiting thoughts that the team had which might be holding them back. Very quickly we identified several unspoken thoughts including “It will be more expensive to get every job right first time.” Given that the team were also under presure to deliver cost savings, this seemed like a good reason to stall and explained the team’s lack of progress.

Once challenged, the team quickly concluded that getting every job right first time could in fact deliver the cost savings they sought. We also identified some more resourceful thoughts that would be a helpful as they faced inevitable challenges. The team had found their winning mindset and went on to deliver.

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