How to boost engagement in your team

High levels of employee engagement are known to be one of the key factors to success for any team. Extensive research[1] has shown again and again that engagement boosts productivity and provides a whopping great improvement in business earnings. At the same time, a highly engaged workforce will be happier, more creative and will work harder to deliver for customers. The figures speak for themselves.

So how can you improve the engagement of your team and contribute to the success of the organisation?

The link between having a strengths focus and higher levels of engagement is well documented. The evidence[2] shows that employees who have managers that know their strengths are 71% more likely to be engaged.

The StrongSuits foundation workshop is designed to maximise the engagement levels amongst team members by showing the team how to appreciate their own and others’ strengths and ensuring that each team member’s strengths are understood and recognised. The workshop is also packed with practical ways to boost engagement and leaves the team feeling energised and engaged. As a manager there is no more powerful way to drive the engagement of your team.

[1] How employee strengths make your company stronger, Gallup business journal 2014

[2] Ibid

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