Strengths and workplace engagement

If you are anything like our team at StrongSuits you are excited about what people have to offer. You look at the people around you and see all their unique qualities and the incredible things people can do when they work together well. But you are probably also frustrated by how rarely things really come together in the way you know they can do.

That’s why we developed StrongSuits; to maximise the chances that the people we work with can really shine and they come together in teams that deliver extraordinary things. At StrongSuits we want to build the future that we all seem to know in our hearts is possible.

Let’s take a statistic about employee engagement, the fact that 2/3rds of people in work aren’t engaged with what they are paid to do. That means they turn up in body but not really in spirit. Pretty much everybody agrees that’s too many. This isn’t just about productivity, although improving engagement has been proven to boost productivity, it’s about creating workplaces where people can be their best, where they love working and can fully contribute.

StrongSuits takes the best of modern psychology and uses this to help you build stronger more engaged teams. StrongSuits is specifically designed to work with teams and the focus is on how people interact and how they engage. To find out more about how StrongSuits can help you boost engagement for your team watch the video from our recent webinar below.

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