The best reason to focus on strengths

You probably already know the best reason to focus on the strengths of team members – teams where people know the strengths of their colleagues perform better than other teams. In case that isn’t enough here are seven more reasons why booking a StrongSuits team insights workshop can benefit your team:

Immediate impact, lasting change

Strongsuits makes it easy for individuals and teams to have powerful conversations about their strengths and winning mindset that underpins exceptional performance. Identifying the winning mindset, the ways of thinking that are consistent with the team’s goals, is increasingly recognised as the key to releasing the potential of individuals and teams.

Practical and applicable

Strongsuits focuses on the practical ways of working that matter to your people and that can add value to your organisation. This is in contrast with many personality models which focus on personality traits which are only loosely connected to the strengths you need in the workplace. Strongsuits uses the language you use at work to make it quick to understand and easy to apply.

Recognises that people are individuals

Many people instinctively dislike being told that they are a type or being put in a personality box that isn’t quite right for them. Strongsuits lets people to identify their unique strengths and, more importantly, any unique limiting thoughts that, when transformed, will allow them to grow into their full potential.

Evidence based

Strongsuits is based on two big insights from the latest research into what drives individual behaviour and underpins success. This approach allows you to dig deeper into powerful and transformative insights about the mindsets that make you and those around you tick.

Fun and easy to use

Strongsuits uses simple card games to get people talking about the things that matter whilst having fun. The cards are easy to use and the games are simple to learn. We can deliver a strongsuits day for your team or train your people to roll out strongsuits across your organisation.

Customisable to your organisation

Whilst we have our standard leadership insights and sales excellence packs based on extensive research and experience in developing high performing teams, the strongsuits approach is entirely tailorable to the unique ways of working that matter in your organisation. Call us to discuss how we can develop a custom strongsuits pack for your organisation.

Embed your values and behaviours

Strongsuits brings the behaviours and strengths you want to life. The strongsuits pack is a great way to communicate the behaviours and strengths you want to see in the organisation, not just as a one off exercise but on a day to day basis. This means that the discussion about strengths and development opportunities leaves the training room and becomes part of the everyday conversation of the organisation. This yields greater impact and makes sure that your development activities stick.

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