The StrongSuits Team Engagement Compass

Understanding how to measure team engagement is an invaluable tool for any manager. The StrongSuits Team engagement compass is designed to give you an insight on how strongly engaged your team is and will help you identify opportunities to develop your team.

The compass covers the four key factors that research has shown are important in employee engagement. These are:


  1. Feeling valued – do employees feel that they are appreciated
  2. Adding value – do employees feel that their work is meaningful and adds value
  3. Using and growing strengths – do employees get to use their strengths and develop through their work
  4. Well-run company – do employees feel that their place of work is well run and allows them to do a good job

Download your free copy of the StrongSuits Team engagement compass (Short version) from the link below:

StrongSuits team engagement compass short version 2.0 2018

Contact us for more details on how the full team engagement compass can be used to drive improved engagement in your team.

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