Practitioner, Facilitator or Trainer?



Licenced Trainer


  • Complete a one day StrongSuits Team Insights™ Workshop, either in-house or as a public training

Same as Practitioner, plus:

  • Complete a one day StrongSuits Facilitator Training

Same as Facilitator, plus:


  • StrongSuits Playbook – gives details of the main StrongSuits games
  • Practitioner worksheets
  • Cards and other materials purchasable from the web shop

Same as Practitioner, plus:

  • Facilitator manual detailing programmes for a variety of StrongSuits workshops.
  • Additional worksheets and resources

Same as Facilitator, plus:

  • Access to electronic, editable copies of all courseware and programme handouts
  • Detailed programme for the StrongSuits Team Insights™ workshop and training
  • Editable powerpoint slides
  • Workshop Marketing templates
  • Promotion of you and your events on the StrongSuits website
  • Access to our online community of StrongSuits trainers and admin
  • Your profile and events included in StrongSuits worldwide marketing
  • Use of the StrongSuits brand for your own in-house or public workshops, events and trainings

Suitable for

  • Individuals who want a basic understanding of how to use StrongSuits as a day to day coaching and team development tool.
  • Individuals who want a more in-depth understanding how of how to use StrongSuits with teams and groups for in-house use.
  • Individuals who want to use the StrongSuits approach including the brand with their coaching and consultancy clients and who want to be able to train new StrongSuits Practitioners and Facilitators anywhere in the world. In-house coaches, facilitators and trainers who want access to a support network and full access to all StrongSuits materials.

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