Licensed Trainers

Dave Corbet

Dave is the inventor and original creator of StrongSuits. He has twenty five years experience as a consultant delivering organisational development and change.

Following a degree at Cambridge University and training as a chartered engineer he had a successful career in the energy industry working alongside one of Britain’s top entrepreneurs and innovators, Tony Marmont. Dave founded his first business, Greengage Consulting, in 1996 to pursue his passion for team and organisational development. Dave is an expert trainer, facilitator and coach and has a proven ability to help his clients to develop clear strategies and gain insights that lead into new levels of performance.

Dave’s book, titled From Know-how to Do-how; A short and simple guide to change, has trended as the top selling change management book on Amazon in the UK and has been adopted as McGill university graduate leadership book of the month. He has designed and delivered leadership and top team development programmes for more than 70 organisations in the public and private sector delivered to over 8,000 senior executives and managers.

Ryan Behrman

Ryan is an organisational agility and change facilitator, coach and consultant. He works with groups, teams, managers and leaders who want more strategic alignment, innovation, agility, resilience and more effective communication and teamwork. He also helps individuals and teams to uncover their natural strengths and limiting patterns and to make decisions that align with who they are, what they have to offer and what others need from them.

Ryan draws on approaches from the fields of systemic coaching, complex adaptive systems, Agile, design thinking, group process, non-violent communication, appreciative inquiry and positive psychology. He’s coached, trained and mentored hundreds of managers, coaches and facilitators in agile approaches to management, leadership, coaching and facilitation. He’s the co-designer of accredited workshops in team agility coaching, team agility facilitation, enterprise agility coaching and lean change management.

Prior to coaching and facilitation Ryan spent a decade in the city of London as an e-commerce software developer and senior project manager in multi-national consulting firms.

He holds an electrical engineering degree from the University of Cape Town, an MBA from Warwick Business School and over a dozen certifications in personal and team development.

Andrea Darabos

As a Lean-Agile coach and trainer, Andrea works with organisations to become better sources of value by continuous improvement, rapid adaptation and collaborative learning. She has experience working with various teams and multinationals across Europe, US, Canada and Asia, in any sector where software development is applied.

“While there is a lot of focus on practices and processes in Lean-Agile transformations, I believe in the power of individuals to bring about change. When individuals start to question the status quo, change their own behaviours and inspire other team members to do so, then change happens.” – says Andrea.


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