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Dave Corbet

Dave is the inventor and original creator of StrongSuits. He has thirty years experience as a consultant delivering organisational development and change.

Following a degree at Cambridge University and training as a chartered engineer he had a successful career in the energy industry working alongside one of Britain’s top entrepreneurs and innovators, Tony Marmont. Dave founded his first business, Greengage Consulting, in 1996 to pursue his passion for team and organisational development. Dave is an expert trainer, facilitator and coach and has a proven ability to help his clients to develop clear strategies and gain insights that lead into new levels of performance.

Dave’s book, titled From Know-how to Do-how; A short and simple guide to change, has trended as the top selling change management book on Amazon in the UK and has been adopted as McGill university graduate leadership book of the month. He has designed and delivered leadership and top team development programmes for more than 70 organisations in the public and private sector delivered to over 8,000 senior executives and managers.

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Ryan Behrman

Ryan is the CEO of StrongSuits and is one of the early pioneers, having learned StrongSuits under the mentorship of its founder and original creator, Dave Corbet.

As a team coach and ways-of-working facilitator in the software industry for over a decade, Ryan has obtained over a dozen coaching and facilitation certifications and has encountered hundreds of tools. It was only when he met Dave on a 5-day trek along the Cape Wrath Trail in the Scottish Highlands in 2015 (there are a lot more synchronicities to this story, but you will have to wait to hear the whole story!) that Ryan discovered to his delight how StrongSuits brings together the best of modern team development under one comprehensive toolset.

Ryan has trained or coached over a thousand managers, coaches and facilitators over more than a decade. Prior to that he was a software developer and senior project manager in multi-national consulting firms. He is the founder of Systemic Agility, an organisation and community dedicated to transforming teams and organisations through systemic coaching and facilitation.

Ryan is a graduate of the Warwick Business School MBA and is an author, co-author and ICAgile-authorised instructor of no less than four industry-leading training courses in Team Agility Coaching, Team Agility Facilitation, Enterprise Agility Foundations and Coaching Enterprise Agility and Transformation.

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Jenny Martin

Jenny is an independent trainer and facilitator in collaborative agile and product development techniques and behaviours of high performing teams.

Jenny is motivated by seeing teams and individuals flourish – when their collective intelligence and diverse experience come together to achieve awesome things, and when their individual strengths can shine.

Jenny is passionate about inclusivity and fascinated by all kinds of brains.  She delivers immersive and playful learning experiences and workshops which are designed to help everyone contribute to their fullest and have fun.  She is a massive fan of Lego Serious Play, and into anything to do with positive psychology, flourishing and personality science.

Jenny is active in the Agile community as an expert in team collaboration and effectiveness and a regular speaker at events across Europe.

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Mandy Sunner

Born into a strict Indian household as a woman, Mandy defied societal expectations by pursuing a path in Computer Information Systems & Design. This truly was against all odds as she broke free from the confines of traditional expectations and embarked on a journey of determination, learning and growth as a mature student and single parent of two babies.

With this passion, she’s cultivated a diverse skill set to help specialise in nurturing people to work together in practices such as Lean, Agile and Scrum.

Mandy finds fulfilment in guiding teams towards their full potential just as she has been guided towards hers by her intuition in the path of learning and discovery. She is motivated in the knowledge that energy begets energy. She’s been trained and qualified over the years to use skills from business analysis, coaching, teaching (not preaching) and facilitating teams to truly inspect and adapt so to better navigate complexity with clarity and purpose.

All of Mandy’s early learnings have shaped and developed her and as a result she comes with the vigour to help others reach their potential and more.

She enjoys drawing strength from principles such as yoga and meditation which were bestowed upon her from a young age. She finds these practices still help her along her journey especially in an era of information overload. With everything she does she loves to strike a balance and find the best approaches are often set in that sweet spot where an equilibrium can be found. When she worked as a data analyst many years ago they would find patterns in the data and match these data sets. Keen is the eye that is first trained to carry out such technical tasks and as her journey has progressed, she looks for patterns where she can add the most value.

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