StrongSuits Online and In-house Training

Do you want to use the power of StrongSuits?

Join our growing community of trainers, coaches, consultants and facilitators, using StrongSuits to create immediate impact and lasting change in the workplace.The training is designed to suit different learning styles including a mixture of practical sessions, feedback, facilitated practice and reflection time. Whether you want to learn to use StrongSuits with your own team or you would like to use StrongSuits as part of your consultancy practice we have programmes that give you everything you need.

Online Introduction to StrongSuits

The Introduction to StrongSuits online course is aimed at anyone who wants to use the StrongSuits cards to build stronger teams

In the online introduction to strongsuits you will learn how to use the StrongSuits cards to build trust, improve communication and create psychological safety in teams. The programme covers the four ways you can use the cards to generate powerful conversations about how people behave and how they can develop. By the end of the course you will develop the confidence to use StrongSuits to help teams:

  • Identify individual and team strengths.
  • Work with overplayed strengths and limiting thoughts.
  • Explore cognitive diversity and how this makes the team stronger as a whole.
  • Identify team communication styles leading to improved communication

The programme includes the key games and exercises you can use with teams straightaway to build trust and make a breakthrough in performance. We also include worksheets to download.

In addition, you will learn about the science behind StrongSuits including the four key insights from modern psychology that underpin StrongSuits and that are the foundations of team performance.

Participants in the course receive a free copy of the StrongSuits practitioner’s manual.

To complete the online course you’ll need a pack of the StrongSuits cards, so if you haven’t already got a pack, head to our store;

The online introduction to StrongSuits is ideal for any coach, facilitator or trainer who supports the development of teams.

So, if you want to learn how you can make a difference for your clients, enrol now

Two Day In-house StrongSuits Facilitator

The Two day Strongsuits facilitator programme is aimed at those who want to take StrongSuits further and learn more about how to facilitate groups as part of their consultancy or coaching practice and for team building sessions. This two day training programme is for individuals who want a more in depth understanding how of how to facilitate StrongSuits with teams and groups.  You will learn:

  • How to unlock the power of StrongSuits to build stronger teams and unlock the potential of individuals.
  • Additional facilitation tools and techniques to use StrongSuits when facilitating teams and coaching one to one.
  • Simple, powerful and practical team building programmes and exercises to help others explore and appreciate how teams work and the importance of understanding different communication styles
  • How to use Strongsuits to gain maximum impact with clients.

All participants in the facilitator training receive

  • 2 decks of the StrongSuits team insights pack
  • StrongSuits Practitioner Playbook
  • StrongSuits facilitator and coach manual detailing a range of proven facilitation techniques and giving full facilitators notes for two high impact team building session you can run with your teams. The manual details everything you need to work with teams and individuals to deliver exceptional results.
  • PDF copies of all StrongSuits handouts that you can copy and use in your team building sessions.

Which Programme is right for me?

  • Online Introduction to StrongSuits: suitable for any coach, facilitator or trainer who wants to use StrongSuits to build stronger teams. Covers the four main areas of using the StrongSuits team insights pack.
  • Two day, In-house Facilitator training: a deep-dive into facilitation techniques for each StrongSuits game, learn about proven team building programmes you can use with your teams or clients  and gain hands-on practice by facilitating the games yourself. This is the ideal programme for in-house trainers who want to use StrongSuits inside their own organisation.



Introduction to StrongSuits Online Training
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