What do I do next with my team?

One of the biggest challenges faced by coaches and facilitators is how to choose the right team intervention at the right time.

When deciding on the next intervention to make with your team, one simple question to ask yourself is “How safe do people feel right now in this team?”. According to Google, psychological safety was “far and away the most important” of the 5 key dynamics that set successful high performing teams apart from other teams. StrongSuits games and interventions are designed to progressively build psychological safety. Therefore, when coaching a team, you would do well to follow a similar sequence of games and interventions that we bring to our StrongSuits 2-Day Facilitator Training:

  1. Appreciating our Strengths
  2. Appreciating our Cognitive Diversity
  3. Understanding our different Communication Styles 
  4. Illuminating our Overplayed Strengths
  5. Understanding how we behave under Stress
  6. Spotting our Allergies 
  7. Transforming our Limiting Patterns and Beliefs
  8. Exchanging Appreciative and Improvement-Oriented Feedback

For a team with a low level of psychological safety you might choose to focus your attention on the first 3 of the above interventions, moving further down the list as you build psychological safety in the team.

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